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"The Rosary is a long chain that links Heaven and earth...

One end, is in our hands and the other end is in the hands of the Holy Virgin" - St.Therese 

Member Testimonies

Amelia G.

Margaret R.

Brittany B.

"I can't explain enough on how much I love WOTR!... there's always something going on and even if you get busy with life, you can always jump back on and pick up where you left off. God willing, I'll always be apart of this community. "

" I joined WOTR on a whim and wasn't sure how much I would really get out of it, but decided to give it a try and I am forever grateful that I did. The journals and retreats have become an integral part of my prayer routine and the community is amazing! "​

"WOTR has changed my prayer life in more ways than I can count. Before WOTR I never prayed the Rosary consistently and now it is part of my daily routine... Rather than feeling like a commitment, it draws me into prayer and is something I long for each and every day! "

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